Essentials from perennials.

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Our modern lifestyle heavily depends on a combination of annual plants, often grown in monoculture, and the steady consumption of non-renewable resources. These deliver most of our food supply, most of our energy, most of our transport and are the basis for the majority of our household goods. The more we want the benefits that annual plants and non-renewable resources provide, the more energy and resources we channel into obtaining those benefits, often to the detriment of systems not providing us such obvious near-term benefit.

We support what supports us.

The framework of any ecologically stable ecosystem on land is a mix of long-lived (perennial) plants. Growing perennials can come with hidden environmental benefits, such permanent ground cover, increased habitat quality above and below ground and the ability to derive a greater fraction of our food supply from non-agricultural land, important in a world currently losing arable acreage due to erosion and pollution.

What we buy grows more of what we buy.

If we want to see more energy and resources invested in making sure that there are places available for perennials to thrive, we need to gradually increase our dependence on perennial plants for daily essentials. Tyler Seneca Land and Cattle, LLC is engaged in developing and delivering some of these options and is doing business as Black Squirrel Farms in Yates County, NY.

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