Essentials from perennials.

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Somehow, a fundamental disconnect affecting the entire globe has managed to avoid getting much widespread negative press.

Stable ecosystems are characterized and supported by key groups of long-lived (perennial) plants with a diversity of other life forms finding niches above and below ground within that overarching framework. In contrast, through history, human diet has trended first towards an increasing dependence on annual plants and, more recently, a decreasing diversity of annual plants to the extent that now most of our plant-provided calories come from just a few key grains.

Nature has provided us clear, time-tested views on how ecosystems capable of surviving and thriving long-term are structured and function. If we consider the sum of all the plants and animals our society eats to be our “food ecosystem”, our food ecosystem has drastically shifted away in structure and functioning from what nature has demonstrated will be resilient and healthy long-term. To restore balance, we need to integrate more and diverse perennial plants into our foodscape while allowing some to serve their traditional role as ecosystem building block.

Tyler Seneca Land and Cattle, LLC is engaged in developing and delivering household options for increasing reliance on perennial plants. We are doing business as Black Squirrel Farms in Yates County, NY.

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