Re-Greening the Black Walnut.

The Black Squirrel Farms Tour.

Though our site is currently closed to the public, we will host public tours when we open.

We will invite the public to come learn about black walnuts, a unique North American renewable resource not fully tied to lumber. We will start with the role of nuts in Native American diets, learn about the history of black walnut processing in the US, discuss the changing historical relationship between black walnuts and people, see some surprising uses for black walnut shells, shell and taste black walnuts from last year’s harvest and talk about why a nut industry would make sense for NYS.

Our 2021 tours will not be able to accommodate bus tours or group sizes larger than fifteen or smaller than five initially. To be placed on our no-obligation tour waitlist, email or contact us using this link and we will reach out to you personally when we open.

Juglans nigra, the tree that doesn’t grow in the forest….

Black Walnut Trees

The black walnut (juglans nigra) needs people more than other “wild” trees do. Come hear their side of the story.

80% of a cured black walnut is shell and that may be good news, not bad.

Black Walnut Products

Black walnut shells are a surprisingly under-appreciated opportunity and resource. Who would have thought?

Hazelnuts in spring.

A Future NYS nut industry is possible.

Growth isn’t inevitable but it is logical. Come find out why.

Are you interested in the history and future of NYS black walnuts?

Would you like to know how they taste, crack a few open yourself or maybe just relax and watch others do that?

Please contact Meghan Werth at

We’re interested to know what interests you. There’s a possibility that we could customize your tour and we’d be happy to add you to our waitlist.

Do you live near Penn Yan or Sterling NY and have black walnut trees of your own?