You’re here because you love getting out and enjoying all the Finger Lakes has to offer…

We’re here to show you why that means that you already care about black walnut trees.

Black Squirrel Farms, home of the first licensed black walnut processing facility in NYS, is now offering site tours from Sept 21 – Nov 19 and then we will take a seasonal pause. Come hear the story of a tree that doesn’t grow in the woods and see how we’re figuring out new ways to make this unique North American renewable resource more accessible, useful and appreciated in order to secure its future.

We’ll talk about the black walnut tree and its place in the pre-European settlement New York landscape. We’ll review the history of black walnut processing in the US and discuss our own approach. We’ll check out what we are growing in addition to black walnuts. We’ll have a look at some surprising uses for black walnut shells. We’ll crack black walnuts on the front porch of our new building then maple-glaze them, all on our beautiful site located along the Seneca Lake Wine Trail.

Black walnuts were popular hundreds of years ago; let’s make them popular again.

Our tours can accommodate group sizes of up to ten. Purchase tickets here:

If we don’t have a tour available at a time that works for you, contact Emily at to see if we can create a customized solution for your group.

Juglans nigra, the tree that doesn’t grow in the forest….

Black Walnut Trees

The black walnut (juglans nigra) needs people more than other “wild” trees do. Come hear their side of the story.

80% of a cured black walnut is shell and that may be good news.

Walnut Shell Products

Black walnut shells are a surprisingly under-appreciated opportunity and resource. Who would have thought?

Hazelnuts in spring.

A future NYS nut industry is possible.

It isn’t inevitable but it is plausible and appealing. Come find out why.

Do you live near Penn Yan, Sterling or Binghamton NY and have black walnut trees of your own?