The Garden for Underappreciated Native Plants

Our company’s premise is that nuts in New York are underrated as both a food and as an agricultural option.

This premise doesn’t mean nuts are the only misunderstood, underappreciated or underutilized native plants around. Each of the native or naturalized plant varieties selected for inclusion in this garden have an underappreciated talent or a compelling story to tell and this information is behind the QR codes on our posted signs.

This purpose of this garden to trigger ideas or conversation, not to provide authoritative guidance. If we are going to rethink the role of nut trees in our landscape, we should consider the how the whole of that re-imagined landscape will function, a very broad question. Our hope is that each visitor to this garden leaves with at least one new idea about how to best build the landscape we will pass on to the next generation.

And for those who want to try eating our weeds? Read about the common mallow and feel free to help yourself.