Job openings

At 590 State Route 14, Penn Yan, NY, Black Squirrel Farms collects and processes the black walnuts that grow on our land as well as those from other local growers in partnership with our affiliates. We operate an onsite Airbnb and this spring we plan to open our site for tours, inviting the public to come learn about history and promise of the black walnuts tree, a unique North American renewable resource. Current job openings are as follows:


Black Walnut Processor (Winter/Spring)

We are seeking immediate part-time help processing the black walnuts that we collected last fall. Black walnut processing involves cracking, sorting, packaging and shipping black walnuts and nutshell products on the first floor of our new building. Our operation is small-scale. Processing is hands-on and handled in small batches. Candidates interested and available to also work part-time collecting and processing black walnuts in Fall 2022 are preferred. Hourly wage is $15.00/hr and estimated hours are 10-12 hours/week with no guaranteed minimum. Hours are flexible, an average shift is four hours long and work scheduling can be adjusted to fit your requirements.



Summer Tour Guide and Site Steward

Spend the summer outdoors in the Finger Lakes! Teach people about the history and promise of the black walnut tree, a unique North American renewable resource. In addition to leading tours, help us restore and maintain our site. Duties may include driving a mower or tractor, garden maintenance, removal of invasive species or other site or building maintenance tasks. Duties may also include assisting with the sales of black walnut or nutshell products. This is a perfect summer job for a college student who enjoys and has some experience working outdoors, interacting with people and has an interest in sustainability. This role could be of particular interest to an ecology, biology, agriculture, food science or communications major. Hourly wage is $15.00/hr and this role comes with a guaranteed minimum of 30 hours / week. Start date is flexible.



While Tyler Seneca Land and Cattle, LLC (doing business in Yates County, NY as Black Squirrel Farms) is non-discriminatory based on age, race or gender, successful applicants must be occupationally qualified to perform the duties of the job.  Applicants unable to produce the legally required information listed below before starting work will not be considered.

  • Driver’s license
  • Name (first, middle initial, last)
  • Address (street, city, state, and ZIP code)
  • Social Security Number
  • Completed Federal form I-9

Applicants are requested to be supportive of a pre-hire background check, provide one or more references and provide verification of past or current employment if requested. These roles are seasonal and come with no guarantee of long-term continuity but may be voluntarily continued based on future business opportunities and conditions and the ongoing interest of both parties. Violation of safety policy is not tolerated and grounds for dismissal.

If you are interested in either role, complete our indication of interest and preemployment screening survey.  Access to this survey will close when available roles are filled. Questions about these roles can be directed to