Re-Greening the Black Walnut

Welcome to Black Squirrel Farms.

We’re here because somehow a fundamental disconnect affecting the entire globe has managed to avoid getting much widespread negative press and this tour is how we are helping to call this out.

Stable ecosystems on land are characterized and supported by key groups of long-lived (perennial) plants with a diversity of other life forms finding niches above and below ground within that overarching framework. In contrast, for the last few hundred years, human diet has trended first towards an increasing dependence on annual plants and, more recently, a decreasing diversity of annual plants to the extent that now most of our plant-provided calories come from just a few key grains.

Our food ecosystem has drastically diverged in structure and function from what nature has demonstrated will be resilient and healthy long-term. The pendulum needs to swing back towards people deriving a larger fraction of their calories from sources which minimally impact or support healthy earth system functioning.

There’s lots of ways to address that problem. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is find somewhere to start. We’re starting with black walnuts. Why? Because black walnuts are a healthy, tasty, high-calorie low-impact local food resource that already exists. We literally just need to figure out how to pick them up and use them.

Our self-guided tour shows how far we’ve come.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here and we’d love to show you around.